Eduardo Bohr comes from a family with great musical traditions. He was born and raised in Latin America with his brother Daniel Bohr, who also lives in Denmark, where he now works as a theater director. Their father, José Bohr, was known on both American continents like South America's answer to Maurice Chevalier.Eduardo Bohr has appeared much with his father, also in Denmark DR-TV.His career started in Chile where he soon became a familiar voice on radio and television. Later he took also Venezuela and Mexico, where he blah appeared in the great talk show "La Hora de Raul Astor '. After a series of success-filled years traveled Eduardo Bohr to Spain, where he continued his activities with concerts, recordings and TV shows, where he appeared with Mireille Mathieu.After a few good years in Spain took Eduardo Bohr, like his brother, to Denmark, where his grandfather originally emigrated to Latin America. In Denmark, Eduardo Bohr including worked to raise awareness of Latin American music. He has appeared in television, among others in connection with an application on DR about his father, where he performed with DR's entertainment orchestra conducted by Ole Schmidt. Eduardo Bohr has recorded several albums in Denmark, both Latin music and Spanish interpretations of some of Bamse, Tommy Seebachs and John Mogensen songs. Through all the years in Denmark, Eduardo Bohr worked closely with conductor Svenn Skipper. Recently, together with bassist Henrik Simonsen in Svenn Skipper Holte Wood Studio recorded "Quisiera tenerte a mi lado", which is a Spanish version of Erann DD's "I Wanna Wake Up With You". Eduardo Bohr Most recently he has appeared at a julearangement for members of the Odd Fellows Lodge, and at a gala dinner for "Life Forum" held in Tivoli, led by Managing Director.Mr Jesper Lundorf. Furthermore, Eduardo Bohr appeared in Skovlunde church and community center.

In the late 60s, we find on the radio a series of fairy tales coming together with imaginative beat melodies sounded sweet beat us. Music for children? Made by Spanish musicians of rock? Three small delicatessen edited both together in LP, and previously as singles: Cenicienta Pop (Pop Cinderella), El flautista de Hamelin (The Pied Piper of Hamelin), and Caperucita Ye-yé (Little red riding hood).. In the first one, "Pop Cinderella", appeared singing Eduardo Bohr, along with Aurora de Andrés, Aurora Hermida, and Marta Baizán. In "The Pied Piper", the Peruvian comic Chicho Gordillo, despite which dazzled with an amazing beat rythm really irresistible. No one should forget the rescue of dialogues included in the story and that may explain the role of jester sad that he has had modest musician always represent "the flute for a while, the fool wants gold," blurts the the piper medieval lord when he tries to get some money for their work. And leave it to the end, my favorite, the "ye-yé Riding Hood" by Adolfo Waitzman involving Miguel Rios, Marta Baizán, Mari Carmen Goñi, and Los Impala.